Refund Procedures

Of course, I regret having unsatisfied / unhappy customers, but sometimes, a plugin or script just does not work on a particular website setup. The reason vary, but often times, it is due to insufficient server memory or a conflict with another plugin or script. If my support was unsuccessful in making the plugin / script work for you, it is advised to request a refund for the item. Refunds are approved or denied based on Envato’s refund policy:

Before requesting the refund, I request a chance to fix the problem, so please open a ticket in this support forum first, so I can properly investigate the issue. When deciding to request a refund, please do so in a timely manner since I am more likely to approve the refund if it is requested shortly after purchase. The longer you wait, the less likely a refund will be. In your refund request, please provide a detailed description as to why you are requesting a refund. Simply stating the plugin does not work is not sufficient.

Refunds based on a so-called “mistaken purchase” are usually only approved by me if the purchased item has not been downloaded yet.


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