Support Policy

By using our “Help & Support System”, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined below.


The purpose of our “Help & Support Desk” is to provide you with the right answers at the right time. Our support is provided only for direct product buyers. While applying at our “Help & Support Desk”, you will be asked to provide a valid purchase (license) code for the product you are seeking assistance for.

Our “Help & Support Desk” is the only official “Tekanewa Scripts” support handling mechanism. Questions sent using other channels may be ignored without notice.

If you purchased our item prior to April 2020 and still have a valid support package from Envato, basic support terms are defined by Envato, so please read the official Envato Item Support Policy before requesting any support from us.

For buyers who purchased the item without included support as mandated by Envato or whose support package has since expired, our support is strictly voluntary. If provided, the terms outlines below apply but we also reserve the right to change those terms and conditions at any time.

Pre-Support Actions

Before asking your question, please make sure you have read the documentation provided for the product in question and searched the answers within our knowledge bases or existing support topics, as some of the questions may be already covered within those resources.

Opening Support Ticket

In order to get a response in a reasonable time, we are kindly asking you to provide the following information while opening a support ticket:

  • Your website URL
  • Admin login credentials
  • Version of script or plugin used
  • Detailed description of actions taken before issue
  • Screenshot of the problem
  • Any other information that you find useful

All information provided is confidential and will not be provided to any third party. To post confidential information inside the forum, use the “Private Content” section below the main text editor. Information posted in that section will only be visible to you and our support staff.

Turnaround Times / Vacations

For users with a still valid support package from Envato, we will do our best to reply to your initial posting within 24-48 hours after it has been posted, in most cases much faster than that. That is not implying that your issue will be resolved within that same 24-48 hours timeframe, as we then have to wait on you to reply. Therefore, turnaround times start over with each new posting.

For users without a valid support package, reply times can vary based on availability and scope of the support request.

Also, turnaround times do NOT include weekends, holidays and posted / announced vacation and sick times, unless we decide (on an individual case-by-case base and without precedent for future cases) to address support tickets during those times. While on vacation, a corresponding message will be posted on the home page for our “Help & Support System”, as well as on all relevant pages on Envato, to inform buyers that support during such time will not be provided.

All accumulated tickets during a vacation time will be addressed once that time is over, with bug-related and technical support tickets receiving priority. Turnaround times will NOT apply to tickets received during vacation times UNTIL we address such tickets for the first time AFTER the vacation time expired, even if we voluntarily did address a ticket during the vacation time. That will allow us to remove the backlog that accrued during our absence.

In general, most topics are usually resolved within the first 24 hours (again, not including weekends, holidays and vacations), but some cases simply require more time. We can not give any guarantees that your issue will be resolved by us as there are many factors playing into what might have caused your problem in the first place. But we will help you in any way possible, to the best of our abilities.

All users with an expired support package will be provided with support on a case-by-case basis, whenever time allows.

What you can expect from our Support

There are certain things that you can expect from our Help Center:

  • We always have bug-related and technical support in priority
  • We are happy to receive proposals and ideas
  • Tiny custom requests can be served (low priority, depending on workload and good will, as customization is NOT part of basic support)

What you can NOT expect from our Support

There are certain things that are out of scope and will not be handled by our team:

  • Generic WordPress questions
  • Issues related to 3rd party plugins or themes
  • Customization requests (some customization requests might be addressed if we feel that those changes can be beneficial to our products and could be included as a permanent change with a future update)
  • Any tickets that contain abuse or violence
  • Requests from indirect purchases (our product came as part of some other product; for example bundled with a theme)

Topic Status / Closing of Topics

Each topic will be assigned a topic status, making it easier to identify which topics are new, currently being processed, which ones are resolved, etc. Support staff will assign the final status and will also determine when a topic has been resolved; if the person originally creating the topic hasn’t done so already.

Topics that have not received a reply from the user seeking support for more than two weeks, will automatically receive the status of “resolved”, unless categorized otherwise by staff.

Topics remain open for future replies for up to 30 days (after the last reply), even if they have been marked as “resolved”, after which the topic will be closed automatically. Staff reserves the right to close/lock topics at any time.


The only languages officially allowed when using our support forum are English and German. Topics or replies in languages different from the ones supported, will be ignored.

Low / Bad Ratings

A buyer who gives a low/bad rating to a product simply in order to “leverage” us to provide assistance or customization that is outside of the scope of support as defined in our terms and/or Envato terms (with the “promise” of upgrading the rating once s/he received what s/he is “asking” for), will be banned from our support system and his/her license key will be invalidated for our system (the product itself will still work, of course). We rather accept a low/bad rating, instead of being blackmailed. Once you open that door once, it can never be closed again.

Furthermore, a buyer who provides a low/bad rating, justifying said rating with bad support or claiming not to have received support at all, will also be excluded from our support system, provided said buyer never actually opened a ticket, and/or did not follow our recommendations to fix the problem, and/or did not allow for the time it sometimes requires to find a solution for a particular problem (particular, if the solution requires an update to the product in question). We can only provide support if asked for and given the opportunity (and time) to do so.

Thank you for finding time to read this policy and remember that we are here to help you out.

Best wishes, Tekanewa Scripts by Kraut Coding