Missing add-on elements and features …

General Information

If you just installed the plugin for the first time (maybe after just purchasing it), you might find that you seem to be missing many of the elements or features that you can see on our demo website, and that might have convinced you to purchase our product.

That is not a bug with the plugin, or us wanting to cheat, but done on purpose. But most importantly, everything you see on our demo website as advertised element or feature, is indeed part of the plugin you purchased.

On our last count, this plugin includes 145 new elements for WP Bakery Page Builder, along with many other features that will vastly improve your experience in building your website. But aside from our demo website, we have yet to see an end user, that is actually using all of them. Plus, the more elements and features you add to WP Bakery Page Builder, the slower WP Bakery Page Builder can become (based on your overall server and computer setup). For those exact reasons, this plugin is build with modules, which allow you to simply enable or disable elements and features, based on your need.

And by default, only the most commonly used elements and features of this plugin are enabled, after you first installed and activated the plugin.

In order to use any of the non-active elements and features, you just need to visit the extensive settings page for the plugin (you should find a new “Composium” menu item in your WordPress backend menu), where you find access to ALL elements and features. Simply go through the settings and enable (or disable) elements and features, and after you’re done, save the settings, and your selection will become available within the WP Bakery Page Builder.

Custom Post Types

This plugin includes a variety of custom post types, which are used to provide the content for some of its elements. As all custom post types are by default also disabled, the associated elements for those post types will also not be available, until you activated the post type.

“User Role Manager” in WP Bakery Page Builder

If none (or just some) of our elements seem to be available in WP Bakery Page Builder, even after you activated them in the plugin settings, you are most likely also using the “User Roles Manager” that is part of WP Bakery Page Builder itself. That manager allows you to assign which elements (and other WP Bakery Page Builder features) should be made available to any of the respective user roles you have on your particular setup. If you are using the manager, you will also have to assign the elements from our plugin to the user roles that are allowed to use them. This step has nothing to do with our plugin, but is a feature that is part of WP Bakery Page Builder itself.


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