Temporary Support Limitation

Temporary Support Limitation

This serves as notice to all users that there will be a TEMPORARY LIMITATION in how I respond to support requests. Due to an extended winter/christmas/new years family vacation, support will be severely limited and at times not available at all during the period from 12/22/2017 – 01/14/2018.

As I will not be in the office during that period, I will not have access to my local development server and computer setup, which will severely limit what I can do for some support requests. And the support requests that I can resolve via laptop and WiFi will have to be scheduled around any free time available.

This is just a TEMPORARY limitation, as I’m scheduled to resume my normal support on 01/15/2018.


Full support is scheduled to resume in ...

What does that mean for me?

Why is this temporary limitation necessary?

As stated in the message at the top of this page, I will be “on the road” in order to spend some time with my family during a long planned vacation.

Naturally, that means I will be out of the office and will not have access to the computer, server and internet setup I use in my office for product development and support, and will instead be limited to just a laptop and WiFi.

That in return will severely limit what I can do for certain support requests during that time, as some ticket solutions simply require prior testing on a secure development server (for example if changes to core files are necessary or to find the exact cause of a conflict) or more extensive work on a live website in general.

How will support requests be handled during 'Tekanewa Scripts' absence?

Any support request received during that time frame will at first receive a standard “boilerplate” reply, informing the user one more time about the support limitation, kindly asking the user to be understanding. All received tickets will be internally prioritized, with priority 1 receiving the highest priority and fastest support during that time.

Support requests received via simple email will most likely be ignored, as this “Help & Support Desk” is the only official means of obtaining support for “Tekanewa Scripts” products and keeping track of a multitude of emails is simply not always manageable.

Priority 1:

If the ticket can be resolved with a quick answer, without needing to check a site for HTML/CSS/JS output and errors, I will provide that answer as fast as possible. Those tickets will receive first priority during the suspended support time frame, provided my recovery/therapy gives me the time to do so.

Priority 2:

If a ticket requires me to check a site for HTML/CSS/JS output and errors and the issue can be resolved without having to log into a site (for example, just by providing some custom CSS code), I will also attempt to answer those tickets as soon as possible, also provided my recovery/therapy gives me the time to do so.

Priority 3:

If a ticket requires me to log into a site in order to either find the cause of the issue and/or its solution, I will most likely not be able to solve those tickets during my absence, and the ticket will remain pending until I return to the office. If time allows, I will do my best to help in the meantime, but can’t make any promises.

Priority 4:

If a ticket requires me to make changes to item core files, those tickets will have to wait until my return to the office, as I won’t be able to test any such changes without access to my local development server.

How will existing support requests be handled after full support resumes?

Basically, the priorities as outlined in the FAQ above will be reversed, meaning the tickets with priority 4 will then receive priority 1, and so on. In general, I will do my best to resolve all remaining tickets as fast as possible upon my return to the office, but as it is impossible to project how many tickets I will receive during that period, it is also impossible to say how long it will take, until the last pending ticket is resolved.

What should you do in the meantime?

While waiting on a solution for your ticket, you should check the public knowledge bases and existing (older) support tickets for my products in order to see, if a solution or guide for your particular problem is already provided.

Knowledge Bases

Support Forums

Ensure that you are using the newest (most current) release of the item itself, and any other items that might be required (for example, “Visual Composer” for my “Composium – Visual Composer Extensions” add-on.

If the issue is too severe to continue using my item, you should temporarily deactivate it (WordPress), or remove any references to it in your site’s HTML code (standalone JS scripts), until I have a chance to take a closer look.

What if I can not wait until full support resumes?

In some instances, it might be easier to simply refund your purchase, provided all of the following conditions apply:

  1. Your support request is a valid request that falls under the guidelines of mandatory support, as defined by Envato;
  2. Your support request falls into any of the defined cases (see FAQ’s above) that I can not take care of while on my medical leave;
  3. You purchased the item during the month of October 2017, and
  4. You completed the form below, officially confirming that you are unwilling to wait until full support resumes.

The form below is for internal purposed as they relate to “Tekanewa Scripts by Kraut Coding” and will not automatically process your refund request. You will be required to submit the actual refund request with Envato and the URL to do so will be provided to you after you submitted this form.

After you submitted the actual refund request to Envato, Envato will then contact me to either confirm or deny, so please ensure that the information you provided in the form below are correct, so I can match it against the information provided to me by Envato.

Please select the item for which you are requesting a refund.

Please define on which date you purchased the item.

Please provide the Envato user name under which you purchased the item.

Please provide the license key Envato issued to you after you purchased the item.

Please provide the user name you used when registering in my forum and to submit your support ticket.

Please provide either the numeric ticket ID or the link to your ticket here.

Check the box to request "Tekanewa Scripts" to approve a refund request (must be manually submitted by you via Envato) for the item selected above, as I'm unable or unwilling to wait for support until "Tekanewa Scripts" is able to resume its normal support.