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If you require help in setting up or using one of our products, this is the place to ask for it. We will do our best to provide you with answers as fast as possible. Please have in mind, that there is only so much we can do and sometimes, a website can be so specific or unique, that there is just no way to make our product work.

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Before posting a new topic, please read the existing ones first to see if they already apply to your problem. In order to read existing and create new topics, you must have a valid license for the item in question. Your license key can be retrieved from CodeCanyon.

If you have already used our old Help & Support Forum, your user name and password has been carried over, but not your license information. Therefore, you will be required to provide your License Key again for the item you are requesting support for.

In order to post a topic/ticket, you MUST provide content in the main tinyMCE editor field. It is not possible to only use the "Private Content" section, as that input only represents a meta data addition to your ticket. The forum can't save a ticket without actual content!

Whenever you want to post confidential information, such as website addresses, user names, password or anything else you don't want others to see, use the "Private Content" section  that you will find below the main text editor box.