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Please note that any actual support requests sent via email or this form will at best be handled with a low priority as this “Help & Support Desk” with its “Knowledge Base” and “Support Forums” is the only official means to obtain support; such emails might also be ignored without notice.

When contacting us via email and requesting support for a specific product (even though the forums and knowledge base are accessible to your user), you will still be required to provide your Envato user name and license key as a means for us to confirm that you actually purchased the item you are contacting us about. Without a VALID license key, support package and matching user name, no support will be provided and your email will be ignored.

Naturally, if for some (technical) reasons you are unable to use or access the knowledge base or support forums, for example because there are issues with your user or login procedures, please DO use this form to inform us about what is preventing you to access the system. The contact form includes specific selection options for those cases, and any emails relating to those issues will of course be handled and processed accordingly. After all, that is the main reason this contact form exists.