Conflicts with other Row / Column Settings

Visual Composer Extensions gives you the option to expand the internal Row and Columns settings provided by the original Visual Composer with additional settings. These additional options allow you to add background effects to rows, such as parallax, gradient colors and YouTube video backgrounds. You will also be able to add viewport animations to rows and columns. We realize that there are other extension plugins available that provide you with the same or maybe even better options. Also, sometimes, when Visual Composer is part of your theme, the theme authors already included similiar options with their theme, which should always have priority since those are specifically made for the theme. Furthermore, using multiple plugins or theme internal features that expand row and column options can cause conflicts when used with each other for the same row / column. These are not errors with the plugin or theme, but rather due to the fact how the original Visual Composer plugin allows developers to hook into the process of creating rows and columns, which is limiting the number of simultaneous hooks into the routine.
Until the author of Visual Composer changes the internal hook, that hook can only be used once per row / column, which means that whatever plugin or theme feature uses it first, will block all other subsequent attempts to use the hook for the same row or column. Therefore, all other plugins or theme features attempting to use that hook will fail. In order to avoid any conflicts between “Visual Composer Extensions” and other plugins or your theme extending row / column settings as well, you can disable the row / column feature for “Visual Composer Extensions” in the plugin settings page (click on image below).


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