Conflict with FancyBox v1.3.4 or less

Some other plugins or the theme you are using might load an outdated version of FancyBox (i.e. 1.3.4 or less), which can cause a conflict with the “jQuery Facebook Gallery WP” plugin. The reason for that is that the “jQuery Facebook Gallery WP” plugin is using the more current FancyBox version 2.1.4 in order to generate the lightboxes which show the images. The author of FancyBox did a complete rewrite of the script with version 2.0 and therefore, the older ( 1.0+) and newer (2.0+) version are incompatible with each other, causing issues when they are loaded on the same page. To solve the issue, either disable the other plugins that use an older FancyBox version, change your theme, or if all that is not possible for you, select a different lightbox in the settings for the “jQuery Facebook Gallery WP” plugin. By using a different lightbox for the plugin, the plugin will not load the newer FancyBox files anymore, which should resolve the conflict.


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