General Helpdesk Policies

By using our “Help & Support System”, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined below.

User Creation

Before being able to use certain helpdesk features, you will be required to create an official user, using any user name (unless already used by someone else) and password combination.

Forms to create a new user are available throughout the site, but a dedicated user registration page is available here:

E-Mail Policy

With leaving your e-mail you agree to receive promotional e-mails and newsletters from Tekanewa Scripts. However, your email address will NOT be provided to third parties and will remain for in-house use only.

Login Restrictions / IP Blocks

Our system is monitored by our server and the site may take certain actions automatically, if an irregular behavior has been detected.

If a user produces a certain number of failed login attempts within a specified time frame, that user’s IP address will be blocked from our system for a pre-determined period of time. That block will be lifted automatically after that time expires, so simply attempt your login at a later time again.

However, if a user attempts to log into the system by using user names that are commonly associated with administrator rights, the IP address for those attempts will be PERMANENTLY blocked by our system, as we do not tolerate any such attempts to gain access to our system.

That also means that if a user is caught trying to “break” into the system, we also revoke any support obligations we would otherwise be committed to due to Envatos overall support policy.

License Code Registration

The access to our forums is restricted and protected by a license (purchase) code requirement. Every time you purchase one of our items on Envato, you will be issued an unique license (purchase) code that is associated with your purchase. Using that license code will provide you with access to the respective forum for the item you purchased.

Each license (purchase) code can be use only ONCE in our system, so even if you can create multiple users in our system, the license code can only be used for one of those users.

If you don’t know where to find your license (purchase) code, please view the tutorial video on the right for more information and guidance.

Update Policy

We do our very best to ensure that our products stay compatible with new releases of 3rd party software that is a requirement for the functionality of our product (for example, new releases of WordPress for WordPress plugins or changes in underlying API systems). If a new release for a required software requires a major rewrite of our existing products, we reserve the right to stop further development of those products if it is deemed economically unsensible to do so.

In general, when buying our products, we only guaranty compatibility with the listed softwares at the time of purchase, with the implication that we fully intend to further support and develop our products, as long as we consider it feasible.

If you encounter a bug or problem in our products that require an update to a product, we will do our best to provide such an update in a timely manner. But all updates require time to properly code and test before we can release it, so we can NOT provide any time frames as to how quickly we can provide an update. Therefore, for support tickets that result in us having to create an update, turnaround times (as explained above) do NOT apply anymore.

In order to speed things up, we might offer you the opportunity to use a current BETA version of a product, that already includes a fix to your particular problems. It will be your decision whether to use that beta version or to wait on an official release. When using the beta version, we do not provide any guarantees and usage is at your own risk.

Official update releases will be provided via auto-update feature first (provided you entered a valid license key in the plugin settings), and eventually as download on Envato.


For some of our products, we provide direct buyers with access to additional materials, that can be retrieved in our “Downloads” section. Access to that section is controlled via license key for the product in question that “Downloads” are provided for.

We reserve the right to add, change or remove any or all of the content provided in the “Downloads” section at any time. All materials provided in that section are optional and not required for any of our products to work and we provide those materials voluntarily. Use of any of those materials is at your own risk (all materials are pre-scanned for viruses and other harmful code).

Thank you for finding time to read this policy and remember that we are here to help you out.

Best wishes, Tekanewa Scripts by Kraut Coding