Changelog – Composium (Visual Composer Extensions)

Time never stops and website technologies change and improve with it. And so does “Composium – Visual Composer Extensions”. We constantly add new features and/or improve upon the existing elements and features the plugin already provides. And sometimes, some bug-fixing is required to, becasue as much as we attempt to be, nobody is perfect and errors happen. The changelog below will show you what happened to the plugin with each of its releases.

Most updates include small but significant changes to some major files used on the WordPress backend and frontend. Therefore, after the update, if you are using any caching plugins, please empty all page and minify caches, as well as the general browser cache in order to ensure that you use the most current files. If an update also includes new elements, don’t forget to activate the element(s) in the add-on settings if you want to use them.

Composium - Visual Composer Extensions
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5.1.0 - Important Release
Release Date: December 6, 2016

This update includes significant changes to underlying JS files, so it is highly advised to empty browser cache and any other aching routines/plugins used, in order to ensure functionality.

Highlighted Changes
  • NewAdded new admin module to scan all pages and posts for usage of elements to compile statistics and provide an option to quickly deactivate all elements currently not utilized
  • NewAdded new element "TS Counter Odometer"
  • NewAdded new "TS Panel Flip" element to replace deprecated "TS Content Flip (Deprecated)" element
  • DeprecatedDeprecated "TS Content Flip" element and subsequently renamed it to "TS Content Flip (Deprecated)"
Other Changes
  • Added new developer element "TS Page Content Export" to output unprocessed page or post content
  • Added new setting parameter for a base64 encoded tinyMCE editor, allowing for multiple tinyMCE editors per element (bypassing VC's internal limit of just one per element)
  • All elements utilizing the "old" base64 encoded simple textarea for content entry have been moved to new base64 encoded tinyMCE editors for easier content formatting
  • Added options to "TS Image SVG" element to define custom animation speeds for hover animated segments
  • Added options to "TS Counter Circle" element to define font family and font weight for animated value and message
  • Isotope grid elements can now be used multiple times on the same page (formerly limited to one such element per page)
  • Fixed issue with "TS Fance Tabs (BETA)" element where element allowed to directly embed another tabs container and unrelated child elements of other container elements
  • Added option to "TS Image Gallery" element to generate custom sizes for preview and thumbnail images (using routine provided by Visual Composer itself)
  • Added new layout option "Flipster Slider" to "TS Image Gallery" element (providing 4 new styles: CoverFlow, Carousel, Flatline and Wheel)
  • Added option to "TS Lightbox Image" element to generate custom size for preview and thumbnail images (using routine provided by Visual Composer itself)
  • Added options to all teammate elements to better control tooltip positioning and styling
  • Tooltip for "TS Image Caman" element has been transitioned to "ToolTipster" script from previous CSS tooltips only
  • Tooltip for "TS Icon List Item" element has been transitioned to "ToolTipster" script from previous CSS tooltips only
  • Added support for full tinyMCE editor for content for "TS Icon List Item" (shortcodes as content are not supported)
  • Added option to "TS Modal Popup" to automatically trigger popup once element is in browser view
  • Fixed greyfilter issue for SlickSlider + FlexSlider layouts in "TS Image Gallery" element
  • Fixed layout issues and missing text strings in control elements for "TS Posts Timeline" element
  • Added option to "TS Title Flipboard" element to define custom spacing between individual flip segments
  • Added option to "TS Title Flipboard" element to only user number characters (plus dot and comma)
  • Added option to "TS Google Maps PLUS" + "TS Google Maps Single" elements to define custom float breakpoint for SumoSelect selectboxes
  • Added option to "TS Google Maps PLUS" element to define maximum zoom level for group filter routine
  • Added support for product variations to all WooCommerce elements (cart link will now redirect to product page for variation selection)
  • Initialization for "TS Fancy Tabs (BETA)" element will now occur on "document ready" event, insted of "page load" event for earlier rendering
  • Fixed issue in "TS iPresenter" element, where autoplay option could be deactivated
  • All elements using an icon picker have been switched to a built-in icon picker parameter for better performance and less memory usage, instead of registering icons with VC
  • Fixed wrong element count for custom post types in plugin settings page
  • Fixed issue with "TS Rating Scale" element, where element did not allow to save rating value anymore due to a JS error
  • Restored missing viewport animation settings for inner rows that were accidentially removed with v5.0.8
  • Built-in "Iconicum - WordPress Icon Fonts" icon code generator has been updated to use "ToolTipster" script for tooltips (removing "SimpTip" support)
  • Updated "Mobile Detect" Helper Class from v2.8.19 to v2.8.22
  • Plugin will now by default use Font Awesome library that is built into Visual Composer, instead of its own custom version (check settings after update)
  • Plugin now supports manually set tooltip triggers for the ToolTipster script (requires specific class name and data attributes; see manual for more information)
  • Updated external links to new domains for demo and support websites
  • Plugin will now check for 3rd party "Elements for Users - Addon for Visual Composer" plugin to correctly register elements with that plugin as well
  • Other CSS + JS Improvements
  • Updated EN/DE .po/.mo language files
5.0.8 - Minor Release
Release Date: November 1, 2016
5.0.7 - Minor Release
Release Date: October 18, 2016
5.0.6 - Minor Release
Release Date: October 17, 2016
5.0.5 - Minor Release
Release Date: October 5, 2016
5.0.4 - Minor Release
Release Date: September 10, 2016
5.0.3 - Minor Release
Release Date: September 8, 2016
5.0.2 - Minor Release
Release Date: August 23, 2016
5.0.1 - Minor Release
Release Date: August 18, 2016
5.0.0 - Major Release
Release Date: August 17, 2016
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