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This plugin extends the WordPress tinyMCE Editor by incorporating multiple icon fonts with a built-in icon generator that will create the corresponding shortcode and HTML code for you, to be directly embedded into the post or page from the generator. Allowing for a variety of CSS3 effects and style options, you can design you icon any way you want.

Refund Procedures

Of course, I regret having unsatisfied / unhappy customers, but sometimes, a plugin or script just does not work on a particular website setup. The reason vary, but often times, it is due to insufficient server memory or a conflict with another plugin or script. If my support was unsuccessful in making the plugin / script work for…

Auto-Update not showing up

WordPress is checking for updates for all installed themes and plugins at set intervals, so any auto-update pushed to our server might not show up immediately. In order to “force” WordPress to check for updates, you can go to “Dashboard” -> “Updates” in your backend admin panel. There you will see a button “Check Again”.…